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Chocolate Whipped Shea Butter

Chocolate Whipped Shea Butter

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Our Chocolate Indulgence fragrance oil smells like dark rich chocolate in a bottle!!!! This fragrance smells just like chocolate brownies with thick chocolate icing. YUM!


šˆš§š š«šžšš¢šžš§š­š¬: š‘¹š’‚š’˜ š‘¹š’†š’‡š’Šš’š’†š’… š‘ŗš’‰š’†š’‚ š‘©š’–š’•š’•š’†š’“, Ā š‘¶š’š’Šš’—š’† š‘¶š’Šš’, š‘®š’“š’‚š’‘š’† š’”š’†š’†š’… š‘¶š’Šš’, š’‚š’š’… š’‡š’“š’‚š’ˆš’“š’‚š’š’„š’†.Ā 

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